RunTweak is a run planning and pace calculator application

RunTweak came from the simple fact that most of the pace calculators available on the web or over monetized and kinda lame

I developed RunTweak when I was training for my first marathon. I kept finding myself stressed each night trying to think of where I would run to get whatever milage I needed to do the next day. I wanted a way to quickly chart a route and see where I needed to extend or scale back to achieve my goal.

I also kept finding myself filled with questions after my long runs. If I want to run the marathon in 3h 30min how fast would I have had to run this last run? What if I finished 15min faster, what would my pace be?

RunTweak was my answer

There is also an unpublished iOS that was built using titanium. It doesn't include that mapping but its a nice quick calculator.


NordeastCrawl is a pub crawl planning application

My brother tasked me with planning a pub crawl in NE Mpls. I wanted to accomplish two things:

  1. A way visualize where all the bars were to determine the best path
  2. The ability to broadcast our migration so late joiners could just look our status up

The result was NordeastCrawl.The backend is powered by laravel (4.2) and the frontend by bootstrap. It uses google maps for the mapping.

If you're interested in playing with the app you can use the following credentials



YieldStacker is an application for managing multiple indirect advertisers

YieldStacker sets out to make RTB monetization strategies simpler and configurable.

One of the biggest pain points in running an indirect advertising stack that takes advantage of real time bidding is managing them.

Building a yield stack is complicated enough, its even worse if you want to try something new or need to mute a layer or provider because of malware or whatever

YieldStacker solve for this by having a single client side script that knows where to go next. Want to add a new provider? Swap layers around? Mute a provider? YieldStacker can do it.

YieldStacker is still currently under development. It is powered by powered by laravel (4.2) with a bootstap front end and a custom JavaScript script for rendering ad tags. If you're a php or JavaScript developer and are interested in helping, contact me on bitbucket